Monday, 6 June 2011

a trivial pursuit

a review

in these bleak black and white times the world needs the colour that the brights music can bring to it! reminiscent of the style council, the housemartins and other bands who music is bright n' breezy in difficult times. Their music flies out of the speakers turning it's surrounding technicolour.

instant catchable tunes, lyrics that need listening to, but not too taxing!

it's a well polished sound produced by Fraser Smith (Ian Brown, Shed 7), crafted and complete tunes.

this is definitely music for this season, the sound of summer! music to drive to the beach, have a picnic in an open field, down country lanes in an open topped car, sitting in the garden on a warm summers evening and having a bank holiday bar-b-q!

the sound of summer 2011 and hopefully alot more, enjoy!

out next monday from play and hmv!

(coming soon, the brights mixtape)

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