Thursday, 2 June 2011

introducing THE BRIGHTS

who and where? (who are they? where are they from?)

The Brights are David Burgess (Vocals), James Prudence (Guitar), Mark Newton (bass) from Chelmsford and Matt Humphries (Drums) from Maidenhead.

described as 'jingle jangle pop' - but what are your influences, and do these influences shape your sound?

Bands like The Style Council, The Smiths, The Pale Fountains, Teenage Fanclub and The Byrds are certainly an obvious reference point, but from that we have our own sound which I think is quite distinct, especially compared to what is about at the moment.

Our band’s favourite album is ‘HMS Fable’ by Shack, whenever we’re away touring it is always on in the van!

Also I think there are certain depths to the album and I hope after a few listens people will scratch the surface and discover the magical world of The Brights.

if you could choose an era, what era would you like to play your music in? or is today the best?

Between us we love all things 60’s, 80’s indie and 90’s brit-pop, so it would be easy to pick one of those but I think now is the right time for our first record because it sounds different to everything else.

does today's music scene need the brights to cheer itself up?

Don’t know about cheering up but I think its in desperate need of a bit of personality!

your album has been produced by Fraser Smith (producer of Ian Brown & Shed 7) did he choose you? or did you choose him? what does a name producer bring to the table?

Being the modern men that we are we initially ‘met’ on Myspace some time back. Fraser sent us a message saying he had liked some demos we had on our page and we kept in touch.

We were aware of his recording work already and before recording the album we met up for a drink, got on great and both parties went for it.

'why should someone buy the Brights album?'

Because its been created, produced and promoted by people who have a genuine love of pop music. Its an honest record.

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