Saturday, 11 June 2011

fast and furious rock night

miles kane, edinburgh, 18th may, 2011

ian shillinglaw, get's live and sweaty!

    So here we are at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh to see Miles Kane. Recently rebuilt after a major fire this great venue,hidden away just round the corner from Edinburgh Castle,is looking good. Hand stamped to prove i'm over 18 ( !!! ) it's down the stairs to the relatively small room which holds about 800 standing. After a slight refreshment at the bar i can see the place rapidly filling and there is great excitement from a crowd of mainly 20 somethings with a sprinkling of,shall we say,older rockers.
    Davey Horne from Falkirk supported and was realy good and is well worth a listen if you get a chance and went down well with everyone.
    Miles Kane was astonishing but short clocking in at 47 minutes ! Absolutley non stop from the start he played most of his new album Colour of the Trap  with highlights being Rearrange and Mr Fantasy for me but i got the feeling everyone was waiting for Inhaler which duly came along and was greeted with much shouting and rioting. It was a boistress crowd after this but only one person ( that i know off ! ) was escorted out which is not bad for this kind of gig and thta was mainly due to the falling down juice.
    No sooner started than finished with no encore even though it was wanted and out into the night. Well worth going to see for a fast and furious rock night.

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